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“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” — Ralph Marston

Owner Lara FeldmanWelcome to Selective Recruitment!

Lara Feldman has over many years been involved in establishing self-startup companies in niche areas where she felt there was a need. She first created a Kitchen & Cupboard company which then lead her into Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design. When mobile phones first make their appearance, Lara saw a need for  Exhibitions that just focused on this market which at that stage had not developed into to billion dollar industry as we now know it.

After some time in recruitment, Lara is once again focusing on an area that she feels very passionate about and needs to be seen as the heart of all companies and corporations. With this in mind, Lara established Selective Recruitment which focuses on a niche market of bookkeeping. Time and effort are solely dedicated to placing Bookkeepers into the appropriate jobs that suit their silks and personality types.

I believe that bookkeepers are the heart of the company especially with the companies who wishes to seek out continued funding or buyers in the future, it is of the utmost importance that accurate financial statements are held. When investors, lenders, and any other parties express interest in a company, they will want to view cleanly kept books that are easy to read. The concept is actually quite simple—if you want your business to reflect any profitability or consistency, start with the books because they would need to appear in the same manner.

With this in mind, Selective Recruitment focuses on getting to understand the corporate structure and goals of the company, who intern can entrust Selective Recruitment to find the perfect fit for the corporation.

Visit the Bookkeeping-Process page to learn about the different types of bookkeepers that are required in companies.

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