The Importance of a Cover Letter

A complete cover letter can dramatically boost your chances of you clinching the job as the Cover Letter represents the first impression of you and first impressions always count. Cover letters can be seen to do the following:-

  • Contain key points that will be picked up by recruiters tracking systems that scan for keywords of your resume,  which sells the resume to the recruiter which contains:-
    • work history
    • current responsibilities
    • achievements
    • education
  • Piques the interest of the reader which encourages them to find out more as to you is applying for the job.
  • Boost the candidate’s chances of an interview with the recruiter
  • Helps the recruiter sell the candidate to the clients

The cover letter should contain the following:

  • All contact details which include email and contact numbers
  • In the first paragraph mention the Job Title as advertised
  • Clarify in the second paragraph directly and explicitly as to why you fundamentally should be considered for the job.
  • The third section specifies the highlights, the best of your CV. Be upfront by saying you have enclosed
    your CV that will make it evident to you bringing valuable skills and experience to the position
    Make sure this skills mentioned must be pertinent to the job to which you are applying.
  • Only include information that is:-
  • relevant to the role which covers industry experience,
  • where you have contributed to positive results
  • obtained awards for your efforts.

If the name of the company appears in the ad, research the company and show that you are passionate at what they do.

The cover letter must only contain 200 to 300 words and be concise and original in its presentation. There is the 30-second rule that applies to skimming a resume, so get someone to proof your resume and ask them what they noticed and what they took away from it.

Within the resume make sure you focus on the following:-

  • keyword from the particular job ad as most recruiters use ATS ( Automatic Application Tracking System)
  • Highlight fresh new training as new skills can be a bonus in a fast moving industry
  • Draw attention to relevant experiences
  • Focus on your elevator pitch and USP – Unique Selling Point
  • Show your responsibility by how you have put your hand up for voluntary and paid roles to extend yourself and any leadership experience you have had.
    Express how you believe employees must at all times is held responsible for their behaviour.
  • Show your loyalty by demonstrating your willingness to go the extra mile to earn the companies trust by emphasizing using your active listening skills when taking a brief; this requires you to fully concentrate on what is being asked of you to do, whereby in return you ask pertinent questions that relate to the task at hand
  • Do not complain about another work colleague, take responsibility in making things right

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