Employer must consider getting HR assistance.

As an Employer, please be aware of the following HR questions:-

  • Which recent awards are the employees governed by?
  • How can we dismiss this employee?
  • Can we make this employee redundant?
  • What rate should I pay my apprentice?
  • Do I have to pay personal leave without a medical certificate?
  • My business shuts down over the Christmas period, can I force employees to take leave?
  • Ex-employee suing for unfair dismissal or discrimination, what to do?
  • Do I have to pay annual leave loading?
  • Can I deduct money from an employee’s pay for broken equipment?
  • Can I pay an annual salary above award?
  • Do I have to pay casual loading or can I pay above award instead?
  • Do I have to allow an employee to cash out leave?
  • Can I make an agreement with the employees to work 42 hours per week without paying overtime?

For small to medium companies who do not have an HR division within the enterprise to help resolve and answers pertaining to management and employees, there are HR companies to whom you can outsource all your HR requirements. Outsourcing enables the business the opportunity to manage staff issues. This type of outsourcing will help businesses to accomplish peak performance without the overheads involved in hiring an in-house Human Resources team.

It is crucial to choose an HR company that is well versed in a variety work related issues and consists of advisors who are experienced and qualified HR and employment relations professionals. HR companies can assist employers of small, medium and micro businesses to reduce the risks of expensive and damaging employee claims, and substantial fines and penalties by providing the necessary information required which is in full compliance with Australian employment laws.

An area where most managers do not have much experience in is in mental health. Mental health is the third leading cause of disability burden in Australia.  Major depression accounts for more days lost than any other physical or psychological disorder. The workplace must provide a safe haven and prevent discrimination for mental health from festering. Managers can contact an HR company of their choice as a source of help as to gaining the right approach to use to help employees and make employees aware of the support that is available to them through the company.

For the companies who are looking to outsource the HR division here are a few names to look into.:-




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