Selective Recruitment – a reason to help.

Helping people is the fundamental reason I became a Recruiter. I understand that people are constantly looking for ways to ease the stress and busy lives that come with running a business. The questions that companies are asking themselves about using a Recruitment Agency is:-
– What can the Agency do for them?
– How can the Agency solve their most urgent problem?
– How can they trust the Agency?
– Why should they choose a particular Agency over other businesses offering a similar

So, to those forward thinking companies who would like to fix or improve their financial setup, let  Selective Recruitment find you the right person based on the following approach:-

Extensive research into your business as to the type of person who would fit into your company culture.
Pervasive  search and further clarification using Social Media as a form of verifying the appropriate candidate match for your business.

Selective Recruitment will forward on a final selection of prime candidates to you for interviewing.  Based on your last selection, Selective Recruitment will use the private services of a company who does psychometric testing on applicants shortlisted for the advertised job.

Selective Recruitment’s Unique Selling Position is that I’m so focused on the niche area of bookkeeping. Having extended me and graduated as a bookkeeper with experience as a Recruiter but Selective Recruitment ahead of other recruiting companies who treat bookkeeping placements as an extension of other recruiting areas

I want to put myself in your shoes, so please talk to me, and I will listen to what you want that is best for your business.

The Inquiry by Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) in partnership with state-based Small Business Commissioners (SBCs), has found the practice of late payments is getting worse, with around 60 percent of small businesses reporting an increase in the trend over the past 12 months. Almost 70 percent report that the practice has reduced business profitability, with many business owners acknowledging it has a severe impact on their mental health given the added stress and anxiety late payments – and the associated cash-flow problems – can trigger.

Let me help you solve this problem of late payments by finding you the appropriate bookkeeper for your company who will assist the company in establishing a positive cash flow.

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