Selective Recruitment – a reason to exist.

Selective Recruitment

Hello, my name it Lara

And Yes; I’m scared!  But I’m also filled with excitement and gratitude for the opportunity of fulfilling my dream of going out on my own to start up in a niche area of recruitment, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and Administration.

I would like you to get to know me as a recruiter, Selective Recruitment, who is passionate about placing the appropriate fit of a candidate with a company who will appreciate the candidate’s skills and experience.

I believe that all businesses, no matter their size, can improve their productivity and cash flow which is the heart of the firm by having the right full-time bookkeeper on board.  Bookkeepers are now in a better position to analyze accounting data and provide helpful input that will assist the growth and development of companies which improved accounting software have enabled.

It is necessary for Selective Recruitment, to express appreciation to those candidates who are entrusting me with their resume and helping me develop my credibility based on the positive results that I believe I’m capable of producing.

My personal approach is to assess candidates on two levels, one being their resume and the other, which is just as important, their Social media profile. I believe Social Media has become part of the candidate’s review process to find that top talent.

Social media is a helpful way of finding out about potential candidates additional creative skills and work ethics outside of their submitted portfolio.By viewing a person’s Instagram profile, for instance, I’m able to gather further information about the applicant’s nature ability for taking photo’s that captures the heart of the subject matter. I’m now in a position to mention to the client that this particular person can help them with their website. Where a candidate who blogs on Tumblr; they demonstrate their writing abilities, I’m in a position to mention to the client that this the person is in a position to contribute to the company blog.

From one passionate person to another, I’m looking forward to getting to know you and help you find your ideal job in an environment that will nurture skills appreciate your true nature.

Selective Recruitment objective is to place a bookkeeper with your company who will assist management in coming up with an effective business plan that can improve future results and performance of the firm by going beyond the necessary basic compliances and reports analysis.

Questions that will assist the bookkeeper in developing an efficient business plan will revolve around assessing the stresses the company is enduring. These pertinent issues focus on the firm’s cash flow situation; debt collection process; invoicing process; report interpretation; inventory management; payroll management and how well staff are communicating

The bookkeeper will be in a position to further assist the company by providing information on general matters such as privacy principles and how they apply to the business; business compliance obligations; public rights and duties; company director responsibilities and online software subscription and backup of information.

The bookkeeper will provide accurate payroll information about the requirements of the employer.  FairWork inspection for Payroll,  understanding the rights of employees, Modern Awards and how they apply to the employee as well as other payment information will be provided to the company if required.

Companies are constantly evolving to keep abreast with changing political and socio-economic matters. Companies, in the same vain, are encouraged to continue focusing on finding the appropriate bookkeeper who will not only put the companies needs first but go out of their way to assist the business in obtaining their objectives and help to fulfill the companies policies and procedures.

Selective Recruitment is thereby in the fortunate position to focus solely on bookkeepers, their skills, and aspirations, thus enabling the business to employ the right bookkeeper.

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